Chicago Pics: My Views

I live in Chicago, and I love my city. To date all of my novels and short stories are set in my adopted city. One of the things I do when I’m out and about is take pictures. I take a lot of pictures. Since Chicago is the setting I choose for my fiction, and tends to be a character itself in my books, I’ve decided to do a weekly blog post showing off the city I adore. I’ll post pictures of things that catch my eye, places that will pop up in my books and stories, and there may even be the occasional poem accompanying the photos. I thought I would start this series off by showing you what I see out of my window:

 photo IMG_20150113_160720.jpg

Our condo looks out over Lake Michigan, and I have love affair with The Lake and its various moods. I take lots of pictures out of my window. I snapped this picture a couple of weeks ago when we had snow and ice on The Lake.

Last year I caught the full moon rising over The Lake on two occasions.

 photo IMG_20141008_184529.jpg

 photo IMG_20141008_190807.jpg

In my vampire novel, Mutability, my main character, Moira Flanagan’s home is in my building, but I gave her a north view of the downtown area. I took this picture from the top of our building, and it would be the view Moira sees in the first scene when she sits on her balcony enjoying Chicago’s night cityscape:
 photo IMG_20140908_214924.jpg
What are your favorite settings and places to read about? Do you read a book because it’s set in a certain place? Writers, do you have favorite places and settings you like to write about?


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