A to Z Challenge: G is for Green–ALL the Green Spring Things!

Northerly Island, Chicago

I grew up in Oklahoma then lived in Kansas City, MO for eight years before moving to Chicago. After almost 11 years in the Second City there is still one thing I have not gotten used to: how freaking long it takes spring to get here. In Oklahoma it’s already hitting 80 occasionally and is solidly in 70s. In Kansas City it’s getting up in the 70s and is solidly in the 60s. What is it in Chicago you ask? Well we’ve broken into the 40s today after a cold, rainy, windy week spend mostly in the 30s. In April.

G is for All the Green Things because I will take anything green now: green grass, green buds on the trees, green tulips leaves unfurling from the earth–anything to say: “Hey, spring is coming! It will be warmer! One day you will be able to go outside without a coat (and a hat, and gloves, and a scarf)!”

By the time April rolls around this girl who grew up warmer climates to the south has had it with “cooler by the lake” and STILL needing wool socks. Don’t even get me started when I have to wear a sweater for Easter and not a sundress! And you should’ve heard me a few years ago when I looked out my window, and it was snowing in May. Snowing. In. May. (Yes, this good little Episcopalian would’ve made a sailor blush that day.)

So c’mon green! Green grass! Green trees! Green stems and leaves bursting from the ground! Send Mother Nature a memo that it is SPRING, and she needs to get her butt to Chicago. Because this Okie is tired of still wearing a coat! And she really wants to wear her pretty sundress to Easter services in eight days: please, pretty please Mother Nature: bring the SPRING!

18 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: G is for Green–ALL the Green Spring Things!

  1. I feel your pain, though where I live, we have weather, not climate. Melbourne is a place where you can go from sundress to sweater and back in a day. We have learned to dress in layers. But green… Well, there are always the evergreens. And one year an oak tree outside my workplace windows confused me by staying green all winter!

    We’re currently having an Indian summer in Melbourne. I rely on my balcony pot plants to cheer me as winter comes.

    I hope you get your greenery soon.

    PS One spot in Victoria once got snow in December, which is summer here – and we don’t even HAVE snow except in the mountains!


    1. We have a joke in the American Midwest: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. In January we had one day where we started out fairly warm, and we had a forecast for rain, sleet, then snow with a 30 degree F temperature drop! We’re big on layers here too. And I never put away seasonal clothes anymore. I never know when I’m going to need them.


  2. I enjoyed your description of spring. In North Queensland where I grew up, we don’t have a real difference of season. It’s either hot, not quite as hot, or slightly cool (it gets to 15 degrees celsius and we think we’re freezing). The trees and flowers don’t really change, or at least not dramatically. It wasn’t until I moved to England for a couple of years that I got to understand and enjoy the “changing of the season” and see things change colour and flowers bloom etc.
    Ros from Fangirl Stitches


    1. I complain about our winters and how long it takes to warm up, but to be honest, I love having all four seasons. I’ve never lived in a place that didn’t have them. It’s nice to visit our friends in Phoenix, Arizona in January to get away from the cold, but I’m not sure I’d want to live there.

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      1. Seasons give you the opportunity to have very different clothes and as each season changes nature has different beauty like colourful autumn leaves. When I was younger I liked this and do miss it. However now I like the warmth all year round as I was getting too many and colds or flu every year.


  3. As a fellow Chicagoan, I totally empathize with what you’re saying. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and still am not used to it. Maybe today….
    Have fun with A to Z!


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