A to Z Challenge: J is for The Plight of the Junior Detectives

junior_detective_day_logoThe junior detectives debated
Exactly how they’d get the evidence
Without them (and their jorts)
Winding up in jail.
“We’ll need Jesus and a few miracles
Plus a whole lotta Hail Marys.”
The jelly bellies did not bring
Additional inspiration,
On how to maneuver through their
Jungle of questionable legalities.
They were following the jack rabbit
Down its proverbial hole.
With loud jeremiads and weeping they
Finally decided they weren’t brave
Enough to make their home in a jail cell.
The case forgotten,
They decided the only thing to do
Was drown their sorrows in junk food
And lose themselves in an iCarly marathon
Lounging in their jammies.

I couldn’t come up with anything for this post, so I went to Facebook and asked for help. All the J words in this poem were suggested on that post.

16 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: J is for The Plight of the Junior Detectives

    1. It’s something we used to do at a job I had years ago editing Sunday School curriculum. We’d send random writing challenges that included a certain theme, or words, and a set length to write to. I still love having people throw something at me then seeing what I can do with it.


    1. I used to fancy myself one. There were a set of junior detective books I read in Jr. High, and I’ve been trying to remember the name since I wrote this. I think it started with a “B,” but I can’t remember enough to google it.

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    1. I commented about that I used to work with a group of writers and editors, and we would send out random writing challenges to each other to write to a certain theme or set of words. I still like a good challenge.


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