A to Z Challenge: R is for Really Busy

keep-calm-and-busy-busy-busyI’ve missed blogging a couple of days in the last week. I’m also lagging on getting comments moderated and responding to them. There’s a reason for that: Life has just gotten busy. I plan on finishing the challenge, but I may not get all of the letters of the alphabet blogged about. Last week in the Christian tradition was Holy Week and Easter. I’m Episcopalian, and we Episcopalians do what I call the Holy Week Marathon. The Marathon includes services on Maundy Thursday (when the Christian Church remembers the institution of Communion during the Last Supper), Good Friday (observing the day Christ was crucified), and Easter Vigils on Holy Saturday (Vigils start in darkness and candlelight as we hear stories from the Christian Old Testament. Baptisms and receiving people into the church also occur during this service.). All of these services climaxed on Easter Sunday with our service celebrating the Resurrection of Christ and the Easter Feast that followed. Being a Good Church Lady (we call ourselves the Marthas*), I was also doing a lot of behind the scenes things to get ready for all the services.

The last few days have been spent catching up on all the things that were ignored during Holy Week and Easter (like sleep and sending out resumes) and preparing for the conference I start attending this afternoon. The conference goes though Saturday, and I’m fairly certain I will be missing tomorrow’s challenge. The conference I’m attending is called Unholy Trinity: the Intersection of Racism, Poverty and Gun Violence. I live in Chicago. For those of you who don’t live in the USA, gun violence and deaths are at an all time high for a second year in row in our city, which makes both local and national news on regular basis (POTUS loves to tweet how he wants to send the National Guard in to save us from ourselves). As a person of faith I want to learn on-the-ground practical contributions I can make to help reverse this alarming trend.

So that’s why I have fallen behind on posting as well as responding to comments. Please be patient with me. I promise to get comments moderated within 24 hours and some responses up in a couple of days. But right now life is really busy. I’m really enjoying the challenge and getting back to having a daily writing habit. That’s the reason I started this challenge to begin with: to get back to writing. And it’s working. I’ve really enjoyed meeting all of you and reading your blogs and getting to know you. And I hope we will continue to see each other around blogosphere after the A to Z Challenge is over.

*You can go here to learn more about St. Martha and why the Church Ladies of Chicago Grace Episcopal Church claim her as our Patron Saint.

One thought on “A to Z Challenge: R is for Really Busy

  1. Busy is the normal for us all nowadays. I understand it gets a bit overwhelming during the festive season. While reading your post I was thinking a thing I often wonder … The news is so alarming, gun violence there in the US and we have a lot of issues here… I wonder if it was always like this and I was not very interested in the world of news or is it getting bad now. Today’s news about Paris and every day we hear stuff, it is so depressing.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!


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