A to Z Challenge: Z is for He’s My Zing

My Zing, Tracy Atteberry (AKA The Hubby)

See that guy over there? He’s my Zing. (If you don’t get that the reference then we can’t be friends.) In March I turned 47 and wrote about 7 Thing I’ve Learned in My 47 Years of Living. This was #4:

Marry your best friend. This is the only reason I married at all because I sucked at dating. I was just fine hanging out with friends and had no problem making conversation and relating, but put me on date, and I was the most tongue-tied person you’d ever met and everything I knew fell out of my ears. Fortunately I fell in love with the man who had been my best friend for eight years, and he fell in love with me. Our friendship also gave us a very solid foundation for our marriage (Eleven years in May! Whoo-hoo!). You don’t have to marry your best friend, but I strongly recommend you be more concerned with making friendship the foundation of your marriage instead of romance. Friendship overlooks a lot of sins and pecadillos romance won’t.

You’ve heard it was said, “When you’ve found someone who puts up with your kind of crazy, don’t let them go.” But I say unto: “When you’ve found someone who gets your kind of crazy and he thinks that makes you that much more sexy than he already thought you were, drag that man to the nearest altar.” (I drug mine to Vegas baby!) When you meet someone and both of your crazies just work together, you just have to go for it.

The Hubby has also given me the best damn compliment I have ever received in my 47 years of living. When we were dating he told me I was intellectually sexy. When you find a man who thinks your brains are sexy (and not just to eat them), yeah that’s when I decided I didn’t care what I had to do, I was marrying that man. For the record, I resigned from my job and moved to Chicago to seal the deal. He’s still worth it.

So yeah, Dracula, Mavis and Johnny were right: When your find your zing, never let him go. I don’t plan to.